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<center><big><big>Basic Christian: Free Downloads</big></big></center>
<center><big><big>Basic Christian: Free Downloads</big></big></center>
<b>Rackspace CDN File Downloads</b>
[http://b5f000b8b22b97d0e7e4-5ba22f68a5021c2cc8d9a41d378678b1.r49.cf1.rackcdn.com/Basic-Christian-Essentials.zip Basic-Christian-Essentials.zip] <small>aprox. 625 MB</small>
[http://b5f000b8b22b97d0e7e4-5ba22f68a5021c2cc8d9a41d378678b1.r49.cf1.rackcdn.com/BasicChristian_Essentials.zip BasicChristian_Essentials.zip] <small>aprox. 265 MB</small>
<b>Website Downloads Page</b>
<b>Website Downloads Page</b>

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Basic Christian: Free Downloads

Rackspace CDN File Downloads

Basic-Christian-Essentials.zip aprox. 625 MB BasicChristian_Essentials.zip aprox. 265 MB

Website Downloads Page


Articles PDF

Christian Community Year Devotional

Evangelical Holy Week

Basic Christian: Decoded Movies

Statement of Faith

Confession of Faith

Decloration of Faith

Basic Christian: Theology

Packaged Files Zip




KJV-Bibles.zip - 1611 KJV (AV) Bibles

Uber-Bibles.zip - 2014 updated KJV (AV) Bibles


Please download and share the Christian materials.

God Bless you,
David Anson Brown