Welcome to The Jesus Realm blog

During the coming year 2013 the Basic Christian/Jesus Realm Ministry is going to transition from the Basic Christian material and website to the new website The-Jesus-Realm.com

The ministry is going to try to accomplish the following 3 objectives

  1. Write a Jesus Realm Devotional regarding the Kingdom of Jesus Christ that will eventually be published as a Daily Devotional.
  2. Continue to provide some links to topics, resources and information from other ministries.
  3. Follow (live blog if possible) the emerging World Court System – more on this later.
    Note: historically governments fluctuate between periods of war and courts and usually after every prolonged period of war there is a prolonged period of court activity i.e. the Vietnam War followed by the Watergate Scandal and hearings lasting from June 17, 1972 – August 9, 1974.

Have a Blessed and constructive New Year, a New Year that finds us all productive and growing in the grace, maturity and prayers of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

God bless everyone,
David Anson Brown