Update March 2013

The important project currently at hand is the 2013 Holy Week from Friday March 22nd to Easter Sunday March 31st, 2013. Holy Week – Jesus Walk 2013 (PDF)


With the Basic Christian writing ministry coming to a close, now is a very good time to download the existing material Basic Christian (PDF) and Basic Christian Essentials because there isn’t going to be many more changes to the material and there is going to be an extended online posting pause of a few months.

Short Term Plans

After Holy Week 2013 the plan is to update the Jesus Walk Timeline Devotional to the 2014 dates and to eventually get the second Jesus Walk Devotion the individual devotional “All the Way – The Long Road” finally written a project that has been ongoing since 2005. The reason the second devotional has remained  unfinished and un-posted for so long (8 years) even though every year I attempt to write it is that as an individual maturity/growth devotional after about five topics the devotion always veers into what could be seen as a to do list or a works righteousness – instead of the Relationship Righteousness “Friend of Jesus” devotional that it is intended to be but with this year’s scheduled ministry events I think the focus can be adequately placed on “Friendship with Jesus” and one of the results being a completed individual devotional for the Jesus Walk 2014 project the other result being “The Jesus Realm” Yearly Devotional.

Long Term Plans

Long term the Basic Christian Ministry has only the two writing projects left to finish – the second devotional “All the Way – The Long Road” for the Jesus Walk Timeline Devotional and “The Jesus Realm” a Yearly Devotional. After the two writing projects are concluded, if concluded, there are no plans to do any more writing. Though there is a plan to go over and refine and repost some of the writing and there is the possibility [a small possibility] that the ministry will transition from text (writing – blogging) to video (mp4 – video blogging). By not doing both text and video at the same time it will be a good opportunity to separate the text and  redo some of the text while keeping any video separate and having the two distinct downloads one of text files and one of separate video files. The video content would be largely comprised of the written text content i.e. the blog Bible Study, the blog History study and current events but the realistic chances of transitioning the Ministry to a video blog are almost non-existent.


The path that is going to get us from Holy Week 2013 to the posting of the Jesus Walk Devotional and The Jesus Realm Devotional is a path that is going to involve yet one more Church controversy. The decision is whether to post the controversy before Holy Week 2013 or after Holy Week 2013 – though with Dr. Jerry Vines hosting [crashing his kool-aid bus into our Holy Week] his controversial John 3:16 Conference [March 21-22] there really is no option but to do the postings prior to Holy Week.

The postings are going to involve several current trends and events in the Christian arena of today and since the postings will be discussing current trends there might as well be some names attached to the current controversies – names like Dr. John MacArthur, Dr. Jerry Vines, Chuck Smith Sr., Billy Braham, etc.

After the controversial postings I think we can have a better view of where modern Christianity is at and a better understanding of where and how the two devotionals “All the Way – The Long Road” and “The Jesus Realm” are going to be separate and distinct from the popular, controversial teachings of today.


The plan for the Yearly Devotional “The Jesus Realm” is to be a typical devotional with about 365 daily devotionals – though different from a typical Daily Devotional in that instead of 365 separate devotionals the plan is to have 52 weekly devotionals. Daily Devotionals that are linked and connected to a larger weekly topical teaching, that are ultimately connected to the one large framework of “Friendship with Jesus” the believer’s Priesthood ministry.

The believers Priesthood is separate from the current controversies of today. Where the major controversies of today involve the errors [wretchedness] of Calvinism, the errors [unrestraint] of Arminianism and the errors [Satanism] of Secular [Gnostic] New Ageism the believers Priesthood “Friendship with God/Jesus” is the only viable, Biblical, uniting solution to the common Christian Church.

John 15:15 Henceforth I (Jesus) call you not servants; for the servant knoweth not what his lord doeth: but I have called you friends; for all things that I have heard of My Father I have made known unto you.

James 2:23 And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

God bless everyone!

David Anson Brown