Update April 2013

April 2013 Update

Countdown Clocks to Continue

The current countdown clock is going to continue to be in use here

The countdown is going to cycle the Biblical timelines.
Holy Week —> Pentecost —> Fall Feasts —> Christmas —> Holy Week, etc.

Basic Christian: 2012 Trilogy Project

A significant project mostly accomplished last year was the nearly completed work of a Statement of Faith, Confession of Faith (Common Christian Confession of Faith) and a Declaration of Faith (The Pierre Statement of Confessing Christians) a long standing Ministry Trilogy project from the Basic Christian Ministry. Part of the Trilogy the Common Christian Confession of Faith was just posted on the Ministry blog website.

The Ministry’s Trilogy Project is an important and substantial part of the ministry resources especially now that that ministry is going to go on an extended break from daily posting. Then when postings resume later in the year with “The Jesus Realm Devotional” the devotional postings will be in line with and a continuation of the Trilogy Project postings, very much the same material but in a Daily Devotional [Believer’s Priesthood] format.

Statement of Faith (PDF)
Confession of Faith (PDF)
Declaration of Faith (PDF)

World Court Updates

The only possible exception to an extended blogging hiatus would be if there was a sudden visible transformation to the emerging World Court System. In the past the Ministry has devoted extensive resources to blogging the emerging Global Politics, Global [Government takeover] of Business Corporations and even some regarding the Global Police Force and its militarization. So far with the vast publically visible changes affecting the Government, Education, Media, Corporations, and Law Enforcement sectors of society the one sector not really visibly altered yet is the emerging Global World Court System and as it emerges visibility it would be a high priority of the Ministry to study and blog any significant changes that are taking place.


The Jesus Realm blog (PDF)
Wiki-BasicChristian (PDF)

Basic Christian (PDF)
Basic Christian Essentials

On Hiatus

The Basic Christian Ministry is going to be on an extended hiatus from daily blogging though updates and improvements will continue to be made to the websites and materials. Offline a considerable effort is going to be made in the structuring and writing of the coming Jesus Realm Devotional.

God bless everyone!

David Anson Brown