Reblogged from: Basic Christian Wiki – Church Scandals

Reblogged from: Basic Christian Wiki – Church Scandals

Moody Bible Institute of Chicago, IL

Moody Bible Radio interview of James MacDonald

James MacDonald, the Elephant Room, and the “Spinning” of the Truth Earlier this week, Chris Fabry of Moody Bible Radio, hosted an interview with Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel.  Given all of the controversy that has surrounded MacDonald’s interaction with T.D. Jakes at the Elephant Room, Moody graciously saw fit to offer MacDonald an opportunity to clear the air and really speak into the issues at hand.  Unfortunately, much of what was said further muddied the waters and complicated the situation. by Scott William Bryant

Moody Radio promotes heresy Emergent church heresy promoter Steven Furtick appeared this week on the September 12th 2012 edition of Chris Fabry Live, which is produced by Moody Radio:


Pastor James MacDonald of Harvest Bible Chapel

Harvest Bible Chapel’s New $65 Million Debt The following is the story of how Harvest Bible Chapel went from being a church flush with equity to a church burdened by approximately $65 million of debt (please see The Documents for all supporting materials).

During the accumulation of this $65 million debt, did Pastor James MacDonald personally profit from the rapid expansion of his ministry?

Pastor James MacDonald’s Salary

In October 2005, Pastor James MacDonald purchased a home in Inverness, Illinois for $1.9 million.

In 2008, the elders’ interpretation of this resource suggested that James MacDonald should receive a salary of $250,000. Unsatisfied with this offer, James MacDonald brought several other external resources into the conversation, primarily leaning upon Jack Graham and the Southern Baptist Convention.  Apparently, he believed his services to be worth far more than that which Harvest was offering.  In the end, the elders consented to give him a salary of $350,000.  But what must be remembered is that this request for a 40% pay increase came during a season that Harvest was in massive financial debt and the broader economic culture at large was on the verge of historic collapse.

In 2009, Pastor James MacDonald received over $500,000 in monetary compensation from Harvest Bible Chapel and [his radio show] Walk in the Word.  This does not include any monies received from Harvest through his access to a staggeringly large personal expense account. It also does not include any possible, additional income he may have derived from other sources including: preaching fees, outside speaking fees, Churches Helping Churches, Harvest Bible Fellowship, book royalties, advances on book sales, 403B employer contributions, health benefits, or any other potential sources of income.

Since 2009, it has become far more difficult to track and document MacDonald’s compensation.  Prior to 2010, Walk in the Word was a legally independent non-profit organization that was separate from Harvest Bible Chapel.   But as of 2010, Walk in the Word was brought under the leadership of Harvest Bible Chapel as a ministry of HBC. While this may not seem significant at first, it actually makes tracking salaries far more problematic.

So, to recap.  After leading a church into astronomical debt, James MacDonald pursued a $100,000 dollar raise (or a 40% increase in base salary) all while ministering to a largely middle class community, some of whom were presumably struggling with economic hardship.  What does this reveal, if anything, about the heart of the man?  Why would a pastor who does not love money ask for such a raise during a season such as this?  Were other staff members given raises during this year, as well?  And if so, what were those raises like?  Finally, why would a church offer raises of this magnitude when many within society were taking pay cuts just to stay employed?


Update: Recent Developments (7 November 2012) HBC Gambling Accusations Readers raise new concerns regarding two [more] staff members and their alleged involvement with gambling.

This merely serves to raise the question as to whether a culture of gambling [i.e. taking from others through the occult arts of lying (bluffing), ‘Sacred Space’ (occult spiritualism – demonic realm interaction with the intent of manipulating people, places and resources) and other practices of deception] exists at Harvest Bible Chapel.


N.T. Wright’s Lectures at Moody Bible Institute

N.T. WRIGHT part 4 – Vimeo Video


Notes RE: N.T. Wright’s Lectures at Moody Bible Institute

  1. Earlier in his talk Nicholas Thomas “Tom” Wright [N.T. Wright] attempts to redefine salvation and offers a twisted description of Christian imputed righteousness our righteousness found in the righteousness of Jesus Christ – Yet N.T. Wright in attempting to redefine salvation completely ignores and neglects, the very important Biblical concept of Propitiation (Romans 3:24) our sins paid in full on the cross by Jesus Christ.
  2. After offering a redefinition of salvation N.T. Wright then goes on to present several horrific distortions as he attempts to redefine both the Christian Church Age and God’s personal Biblical relationship with the Jewish Nation of Israel.
  3. N.T. Wright also misspoke when he inferred that the Prophet Isaiah was writing about the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem after the destruction had already occurred when in fact the Prophet Isaiah [prophesying in the era of about 740 B.C.] was prophesying of the coming destruction of the 1st Temple in Jerusalem [the 1st Temple was destroyed in 586 B.C. – 200 years after the Prophet Isaiah]. – N.T. Wright is presenting the Bible texts as reactive to past events when in actuality the Bible both O.T. and N.T. [End Times] are written as Prophetic (future) events.
  4. N.T. Wright then goes into full Heresy mode and actually begins espousing Paganistic doctrines in stating that “the earth is god’s temple” and that “god indwells inside the earth” – making his god the pagan ruler of the underworld. — Isaiah 66:1 Thus saith the LORD, The Heaven is My Throne, and the earth is My footstool …


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