Update – June 2013

Update: the Summer 2013 Project a KJV Bible with verse headings is currently in progress and available at BasicChristian.net

The Basic Christian Ministry is going to slow the blogging and posting schedule
at The-Jesus-Realm.com blog during the remaining summer months.

There are several projects being worked on most notably the 2013 Holiness Summit and the 2013 End Times Summit, both are scheduled for posting later in the year.

The Basic Christian Material is intended to be a resource for Christians for devotions, study and discussion for individuals and for groups. Please consider referring the Basic Christian materials to others, especially at your Church and Home Fellowships, consider using the Basic Christian materials and topics as a starting point and for guidelines in Christian fellowships and discussions.



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Basic Christian (PDF) Basic Christian Essentials


God bless everyone!
David Anson Brown