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The Truth About SBC Voices
Friends, read this article quickly as it will likely disappear soon. There is only one reason this got published; namely, Dave Miller doesn’t know much about computers. Due to a massive oversight I….

and from another blog site this excellent quote that I think really states our current predicament as Christians.

mcfirefly2 says: September 8, 2013 at 12:19 am

I am a conspiracy observer; I do not believe that I know all and see all, but I do think that it’s obvious people are working together to bring about that World They Choose, and that certainly includes all religion under [a secular] Roman [Catholic] Ecumenism [one world religion]. I truly believe that this is why Calvinism was dredged up [originally in about 1536 A.D.], along with the mega churches [of today] and their connections to [secular] Purpose-Driven and Emergent, as I believe that the Charismatic Movement’s abuses are intended to serve the same end [attempting to distract and discredit true Christianity]. Those two movements are the two prongs of “Dominionism”, by the way; the Charismatic ones even say we are to basically “sit” on [Revelation 17:9] Seven Mountains of [worldly] Influence or Culture! The “Calvinists” I talk to online show no fear of God, not only stonewalling the moral implications of Calvinism, but even to the point of maltheist blasphemy against the moral [Royal Priesthood] nature of God. This is a movement to deconstruct monotheism [the One True God] and rid the world of Jesus, the Bible, and the monotheistic God: the One who is judge and redeemer. Calvinists create a false flag attack on God’s [good] loving, moral nature, creating a god whose cruelty is intolerable, taunting people with [wretchedness] “his” loveless callousness: the Westboro Baptist [agitators] Church as “typical” Christians. Anyway, I see these things and I do believe they are the result of conspiracy. Like you, I don’t believe all conspiracies I hear about; many are disinformation, created deliberately to discredit the whole idea through association, overkill, and so on. Ultimately, it is Satan’s conspiracy, anyway; we war not against flesh and blood. …