FBC Jax Watchdogs: James Duncan Interview on Fighting for the Faith Radio Program

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Readers – below is an hour-long interview of Dr. James Duncan, conducted on 1/14/13 by Chris Rosebrough of the Fighting for the Faith radio program. In the interview Dr. Duncan describes what he learned during the discovery process of his lawsuit against Perry Noble and NewSpring Church, which was settled before it went to trial.

It is a real eye-opener as to how mega churches with rock star preachers operate. Really, there is no one so hated by these pastors and their followers than the person who dares to publicly and consistently criticize their beloved pastor. Not even child molesters within their own ranks get anywhere close to the treatment of a criticizing blogger and his spouse.

I’ve got a couple of posts coming that will try to boil down all of this information into lessons we can all learn from Dr. Duncan’s experience.

Since my last post on this matter January 3rd, Dr. Duncan has posted some more blog articles, so visit his site to get the latest.