Introduction to Biblical Kingdoms 6-8

Ancient Rome 6th Kingdom – Revised Rome 7th Kingdom – Christ/Messiah Kingdom 8th Kingdom

The 6th Biblical Global Gentile Kingdom is the Roman Kingdom specifically the Caesar Dynasty beginning with the Throne of Julius Caesar.

The six Roman Caesars: Julius Caesar, Augustus Caesar [Luke 2:1], Tiberius Caesar [Luke 3:1, John 6:1], Caligula Caesar, Claudius Caesar [Acts 11:28] and finally Nero Caesar [Acts 25:21]). Followed later by the many Revised-Rome, Roman Emperors i.e. Emperor Constantine.

The 7th Biblical Global Gentile Kingdom is the Revised-Roman Kingdom specifically the Constantine Empire. Beginning with the Christian Throne of Emperor Constantine and continuing sometimes sporadically throughout Europe in Thrones such as King Charlemagne (Charles I). Continuing through European Christian Empires and Dynasties such as Charlemagne’s Carolingian Renaissance and the Austrian Habsburg Monarchy all including or associating with the Roman Catholic Church.

Constantine the Great (27 February 272 – 22 May 337 AD), also known as Constantine I or Saint Constantine, was Roman Emperor from 306 AD to 337 AD. – Wikipedia – At times Emperor Constantine’s reign was disputed by others but by in large Emperor Constantine held a long undisputed Throne and Constantine himself never advocated his position or Throne as Emperor.

Antichrist the 7a Kingdom
Biblically eventually the 7th Gentile Kingdom [Revised-Rome] becomes the future Kingdom 7a of Antichrist. The 7a Kingdom of Antichrist is a failed attempt at an 8th Kingdom but according to Revelation 17:11 “and is of the seven” Kingdoms.

Note: A Revised-Rome is much different from for example a Revived-Rome that would be more identical to the ancient Roman Empire while a modern Revised-Rome is a more evolving and slightly different Empire than the ancient Roman Empire.

The coming 8th Kingdom is the future Millennial Reign Kingdom on earth of the Messiah Jesus Christ.

By David Anson Brown