5 Pt. Salt: The Dumbing Down of Worship in America & Our Biblical Witness

Reblogged from 5 Pt. Salt:

Over the last 50 years or so, there has been a dumbing down of Biblical worship and the witness of professing Christians in America. The extent of this process has increased to the point that the present worship or witness is not recognizable to that of the early body of Christians in Apostolic times.

What are the reasons for such a decline? I believe there are two things, among many, that stand out as villains.

Method of Evangelism

The first is the non-biblical method of evangelism or the manner of reaching people for church. Secondly, there is the very pressing problem of accommodating what we do in worship and in the whole of ‘church’ to the desires of children, the youth and their parents. Let me take them one at a time.

In the days of the Apostles, evangelism, the method of reaching those outside of Christ to a saving knowledge, involved that of Christians assembling to worship, receiving instructions, and guidance for both life and finally, the reaching of others for Christ. Worship was a time for being fed the truth by faithful pastors. it was a time to receive guidance in overcoming the world, to know the will of God, and to be equipped (Ephes. 4:12) to minister (serve) in the cause of God and Christ. These same people – fed, comforted and encouraged – would leave these times of fellowship and worship to go forth as ambassadors for Christ. Witnessing was one-on-one, or, if possible, with a whole family. But Christian responsibility [i.e. honesty and integrity] did not end when they left the assembly in worship, it was only the beginning. This personal witnessing is now left to the cultic groups who proclaim false doctrine day in and day out. Those who profess to be Christians believe their duty is over after the morning ‘worship’ on Sunday. Those early Christians were brought together to worship God and to be built up for ready service to God [Acts 7:7, Acts 13:2, Acts 16:17, Acts 26:7] as their first and foremost responsibility and privilege. … by Joel Taylor