Antichrist Reigns as the Final King of the 7th Kingdom

Roman Emperor Julian “the Apostate” 361-363 AD Emporer Julian directed that Jerusalem and the Jewish Temple be rebuilt and that the Jews should return and worship in their homeland. This is important because Emporer Julian reigned after Emporer Constantine both being a part of the 7th Global Kingdom on earth. The 7th Kingdom is also…

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Revelation 13

The two human leaders (horns)  of Revelation 13 are considered to be the Pope of the Roman Catholic Church and the Archbishop of the Church of England

Lost in the 7 Gentile Kingdoms

Lost in the 7 Gentile Kingdoms – The Parable of the Lost Sheep – Matthew 18:12-14 KJV

The 8 Biblical Kingdoms

The 8 Biblical Kingdoms – 7 Gentile Kingdoms – 1 Messiah, Jesus Christ Kingdom

The Ancient Roman Pantheon Temple

The Pantheon in Rome is considered to be a Christian Temple dedicated to the 8 Global Kingdoms of the Christian Bible

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